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PSC and NUSACC – Trade Mission to Qatar and Oman

The NUSACC Trade Mission to Qatar and Oman, following US Secretary of Commerce Pritzker’s visit to Qatar and the region, provided the most phenomenal access to the GCC market, specially for SMEs. Priyamvada Sustainability Consulting (PSC), an SME, is a strategy consulting firm focused on regulatory, financial, and technical aspects of sustainability and environmental advisory through technology development and implementation. PSC is definitely a first mover in the area of green in the MENA region, and there is more demand for what PSC is doing than we could ever have imagined. The legislation is getting passed, and there will be strong mandates very soon to have technologies that match and exceed what the US is doing in clean tech – Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 is a key target with the goal of carbon neutrality and renewable energy goals of 20% by 2024. We are very excited to be a part of this excellent opportunity to fulfill the promise of the Arab Spring to bring green jobs to the MENA region, and this will allow the US to serve as a key trade partner long into the future, ensuring peace and security and growth in the region as well as jobs and growth at home in the US.