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(1) Strategic Business Management

(a) Developing business models
(b) Drafting and refining business plans
(c) Optimizing management and operational efficiency

(2) Marketing and Public Relations

(a) Developing marketing strategies and creating marketing plans
(b) Crafting public relations strategies
(c) Managing social media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.)

(3) Business Development

(a) Partnership due diligence
(b) Securing key clients and implementation partners
(c) Raising capital (debt, equity, development loans, government grants)

(4) Government Relations to Enter New Markets

(a) Navigating regulatory frameworks in new cities, states, and countries
(b) Developing and leveraging relationships with government agencies and officials
(c) Advocating for beneficial policy and legislation

(5) “Greening” Your Business – Stakeholder Engagement

(a) Being environmentally responsible in sourcing and manufacturing products as well as in
running operations and facilities
(b) Committing to equitable practices that benefit workers, customers, suppliers, and
(c) Creating tangible and transparent metrics for benchmarking and improving progress